Blessing of the graves in Derry and Inishowen, Donegal

Just a reminder for those looking for dates for blessings of the graves ( Cemetery Sunday ) in 2016: Derry City Cemetery : June 12th Carndonagh : 3rd July 2016 Bocan (St .Marys ) 3rd July 2016 St. Mary’s, Ballybrack | St. Columba’s, Ballinacrae  17th July... read more

Traditional methods of letter carving

Here’s a photo of Dad using the traditional method of hammer and chisel to deepen some letters on a headstone. This method isn’t used as much these days with all the technology available today. When he started out as a young apprentice to his dad in the... read more

This is a new Synthetic marble statue to use on his own or as an addition to a headstone or memorial. This is different is that it is painted by hand . It really looks nice . This statue is 24″h  and it is really well priced . Call for information read more

New online shops for small memorials and plaques

Here is a sample of plaque that we will be selling on our  new on-line shop section of our website which should be launching in the next few weeks. All the small memorials will be personalized here in our worktop in Carndonagh, Donegal. We will be able to deliver them... read more

Silver Lantern with light for gravestones

These are new lanterns for Memorials . This lantern is silver with glass doors , one of which opens to allow removal of the Light. We can get different lights to put into them, a battery powered candle or a light with a flashing light which is shown in this one. read more

Granite lanterns with lights for Memorial

We have just started stocking these lanterns for graves . They are made of granite and can be ordered in four different colours ; Black , Aura, Bahama Blue and light grey. We can get different lights to put into them, a battery powered candle or  with a flashing... read more
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