1. What is the average cost of a headstone ?

The price of a headstone can vary according to whether it has a kerb or not, its size, it’s shape and design . A headstone and base erected with lettering can cost anything from €500 upwards with a typical stone costing around €1100.

Are there guidelines as to what can be erected in each cemetery ?

Each cemetery has its own rules and regulations with regards to height , size and suitablility. Contact us for information regarding each graveyard. For example some sections of graveyards do not allow kerbing while others have height restrictions so celtic crosses, unless small would be prohibited.

Can a headstone be renovated or cleaned up?

Headstones that are older are susceptible to weathering and corrosion. Headstones made of harder stones such as granite can be easily cleaned as it is not as porous whereas stones such as marble and limestone can get eroded and dirty as they are softer . These types of stone can be cleaned through a few different processes. Each job has to be accessed individually to see which process will get the best results.

Can new lettering be added to an existing headstone?
New lettering or an inscription can be added to a headstone if there is the space required on the headstone. The Headstone can be lettered in the graveyard or be removed and worked on in our workshop. Almost all lettering styles can be replicated. Note that lettering in the cemetery is very much affected by the weather as it is a dry weather job so we tend to do most inscriptions between Late March to November but we will always try our utmost to get a name done, if needed between these dates.